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January 7, 2012
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SSJ4 vs Nine-tails by ssjgogeto SSJ4 vs Nine-tails by ssjgogeto
:iconhovsec: is an amazing artist, I really like his artwork. I've colored some of his arts, and when I saw this work, I found brilliant and I immediately thought of coloring it.

I hope you like the result :)

Original here [link]
Colors by me
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SalahWorx Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Why not wild transformation Oozaru? Ape vs Fox. BTW. A mistake. That Kyuubi has nine tails But it looks like the 4 Tails. The nine tails doesn´t combine human chakra with it´s chakra.
flowlikewater7 Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2014
Wow love the pink11
DanomaruZenon Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2014
I don't care who wins, I just want to see the crater left in the wake of these two attacks!!!
Goku powers down to his base form and destroys Naruto.
LegendaryRey Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2013  Student Digital Artist
o.o Looks more like Bee Vs Goku
megasean3000 Featured By Owner May 29, 2013  Student Digital Artist
DISCLAIMER: I am completely neutral on the subject. But I am debating at the point of view of the Naruto fans. I support both Dragonball Z and Naruto, I just want to point out some things to those who believe Goku would make mincemeat out of Naruto.

In 4 Tails form, Naruto packed enough juice in his Tailed Beast Bomb to slice through three Roushomons, a feat Kiba couldn't do with one. Now, going by the recent Manga goings-on, I'd say when Naruto releases his newest Tailed Beast Bomb, I'd say it's 100 times more powerful than before. Coupled with the fact Naruto can sense the very nature of enemy's attacks, able to move at light speed, able to deflect nuke attacks, able to summon enough power to block nuke attacks, able to summon enough power to survive a nuke attack AND keep over a thousand people alive at the same time, and has a whole roster of moves ranging from Shadow Clones, Sage Mode, Rasengan, Rasen-Shuriken and the Tailed Beast Mode, I have to say Goku really has his work cut out for him.

Goku can fly, but that didn't stop Naruto attacking a flying character in the past before (Deidara and Mu). Goku's punches are strong, but let's face it, if Naruto could dodge A's super omega fast punch that's the fastest punch in the Naruto-verse that even a skilled person like Sasuke couldn't dodge, then Naruto can dodge Goku's punches, and Naruto's pretty good in the Taijutsu department, shown when his punches made even Kisame...wet himself xD Plus we can see Naruto's strength when he lifted a Tailed Beast without much effort, and those things are as big as a mountain.

The worst Goku can do with his ki blasts is a nuke, but as I explained, Naruto survived nukes in the past. Goku's Kamehameha is no different from the Tailed Beast Bomb, but I'd like to think it's stronger, but there's one problem: it takes just as long to form, giving Goku lots of openings. Goku could Instant Transmission behind Naruto, like he did with Cell, but we have to remember, Naruto senses things coming from light speed (If he could sense Chakra a thousand miles away with a Chakra blocking barrier dulling it, you know he's got good senses), so it could give Goku even more openings.

I don't think Goku has time to form a Spirit Bomb, considering if he retreats for even a second, Naruto can just give chase. Goku could Solar Flare him, giving him the time to use the Spirit Bomb, but we have to take into consideration: Naruto isn't evil, he's pretty much a saint when you look at his back story, so I think the Spirit Bomb will have no effect on him, bouncing the Spirit Bomb away from him. Besides, what is a Spirit Bomb made up of? Nature energy. What does Naruto take in when he wants to go into Sage Mode? Nature energy. Best case scenario, he takes in the nature energy and has gained the power of the Earth, turning it against Goku. Worst case scenario, the bomb disperses. But no matter what, if Naruto survives the Spirit Bomb, Goku's energy is gonna be really low, so Naruto's gonna have an advantage there.

Now, before everyone in their grandma's start saying 'Oh, but Goku can destroy planets, so he must be a God!' lemme point something out: Big difference between destroying a massive rock and destroying someone who can block or dodge the attack. What's holding planets together? The core? What do the Dragonball Z characters aim for when destroying the planet? The core. Goku only uses his power to destroy the core and the destroyed core destroys the planet. The dragonball Z characters have enough power to destroy the core, nothing more. Case-in-point: why was Vegeta's overall power when he suicide bombed himself to 'destroy' Buu only a crater? Wouldn't it have destroyed the Earth? If he did that in the center of the Earth, if you ignore the massive pressure and 5000 degree Celsius temperatures, then it would have destroyed the core, destroying the world. Plus, when you think about it, why would Goku commit mass genocide on the World's populace, just to destroy one good hearted boy? Why would he commit mass genocide, period? Goku is as gentle as a lamb, and wouldn't even kill Frieza without giving him a billion chances. So what makes you think he'll be quick to destroy the Earth and it's 7 billion residents, even when he uses Namek's Dragonballs to wish them back?

And another argument: 'Oh, but Goku is super strong! He could wipe out Naruto by clipping his toe nails and throwing at Naruto!' (Yes, I heard this one before, I facepalm'd so hard). Think about all the times Dragonball Z characters have punched someone. Have they exploded into tiny particles? Nope. Worst case scenario, their head gets caved in. But when you think of it, how many times has Naruto been punched in the head by either Sakura or Tsunade, both of which have enough power to cave in Naruto's head? Countless. How many times has Naruto's head caved in? 0. Hasn't cracked open thus far, it ain't about to start now. Hell, when Naruto gets punched by either of them, realistically, he'd have his skull fractured or at least be missing teeth. The fact Naruto is still alive and well is pretty astounding.

Now, I'm not saying Goku is gonna get cake-walked by Naruto, just as I'm saying Naruto isn't gonna get cake-walked by Goku. All I'm saying is people take Naruto's skills for granted, and believe just because Goku is a Super Saiyan, is capable of firing omega beams of power and destruction and is immensely strong, that he wins against Naruto almost by default. Now taking all you've heard me explain, do you really think Naruto's going to get his ass handed to him, or do you think him and Goku are gonna have a showdown of epic proportions, like the image we are seeing right now?

Noteworthy mentions:

*Dragonball Z characters are affected by Genjutsu. Itachi hypnotized a completely normal girl into doing his bidding. But the fact these characters have no knowledge on Genjutsu means it's even more deadlier on them.

*I read someone say the likes of Hercule/Mr. Satan (To all the Satanists out there XD) could beat Naruto. Hercule is the strongest human alive, no doubt about it, but could he make a Rasengan that could punch a giant hole through a giant water tank? Could he rip a man to shreds from a cellular level with a Rasenshuriken? Heck, could he even copy himself 1000 times making a small army of himself? Best question to sum it all up: does he even lift?

*Ability is much more stronger than strength in power. Let's look at Nagato, who has the handy ability to absorb any energy. If a Kamehameha hits him, he'll simply absorb it and use it against Goku. And that's not even including his Shinra Tensei powers. Until Dragonball Z characters can rain meteors, ignite their enemies in fire just by looking at them, slice a man's chest completely open just by running into them, revive people without summoning big ass dragons, or bend the fabric of space and time to avoid their imminent death, then the only moveset Dragonball Z will ever have is punch, kick, blast and fly. The only good ones out there Ginyu with mind-swap and Babidi with mind-control. Everyone else has no unique moves.
vegetoku Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2013
Jesus christ, You are a retard.
Think about all the times Dragonball Z characters have punched someone. Have they exploded into tiny particles? Nope.
- Thats because the guys in dragonball z are stronger than people from naruto you fucking moron/
why was Vegeta's overall power when he suicide bombed himself to 'destroy' Buu only a crater?
- Because he wanted maximum damage in a close range. And he killed himself to protect the earth, Blowing the earth up with him would be fucking stupid, again you are retarded.

And the fact that you think he needs to use spirit bomb on some random human without regenarion powers, makes me wonder if you pull all there facts out of your ass.

if Naruto could dodge A's super omega fast punch that's the fastest punch in the Naruto-verse that even a skilled person like Sasuke couldn't dodge, then Naruto can dodge Goku's punches
- Oh god you are retarded. Goku is way way way way faster than anybody from the naruto universe. Just because he blocken A''s punch you think he can dodge gokus.

Jesus christ you are fucking retarded. 
ajdizzle2010 Featured By Owner May 7, 2013
very nice picture i love the way you drew goku he looks badass but there are a few things that i don't like is that its got that deviantart logo on it and i just wish it was bigger but other that that very cool maybe next time you can do it different :)
ssjgogeto Featured By Owner May 8, 2013
I didn't draw this picture, I just colored it. Who drawed it was actually :iconticodrawing:
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